Service Accuracy Insight

Franklin & White is the leading administrative and processing resource for assessments and personality profiles, such as Myers-Briggs (MBTI), FIRO-B, Strong, Change Style Indicator, Campbell Leadership Index (CLI), Benchmarks, Skillscope, Profiler, Conflict Dynamics Profile and others. Performing back-office functions that add value through economies of scale and centers of expertise, we offer a variety of support services and special project skills unique to the needs of management development consultants.  We are the trusted partners for executive coaches, leadership consultants, organizational development professionals, and university executive education programs around the world with turnkey implementation, scoring and management of most major assessments.

Why coaches and consultants depend on us.
Facilitating a comprehensive change management initiative, climate assessment, team building process, leadership development program or high-level executive coaching engagement requires your complete attention and focus. “Administrivia” can distract you from your core practice. It can hinder your consulting effectiveness and keep you from working more directly with your clients to form that special bond that enhances follow-up.

Franklin & White has earned a reputation as the go-to firm to assure excellence in obtaining accurate feedback data, whatever tool you use. As extensions of your engagement team, Franklin & White boosts your client satisfaction with professionalism, dependability, thoroughness, and dedication.

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