Assessment management
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Assessment management FAQs

How Quickly Are Assessments Launched?

We request a minimum of 24-hours notice prior to launch. For tighter timelines and same day requests, a rush fee of $50 may apply.

Recommended Assessment Timelines

F&W recommends allowing 3 weeks for completion of self assessments, and 5 weeks for completion of 360 or multi-rater assessments. Our assessment administrators will work with you to solidify the timeline for your project.

Assessment Reminders and Status Reports

F&W schedules weekly assessment reminders to be sent to participants/raters, and more frequently as the deadline approaches. Status reports are provided to clients weekly, and more frequently as the scoring deadline approaches.

What does F&W do to help ensure an effective assessment process?

F&W provides clients with:

● Email templates to send to participants in advance of launch to help them prepare for the process. F&W also can provide templated language for participants to send to their raters.

● Information regarding the assessment invitations/links origination. Clients need to make sure that these emails are whitelisted, and advise assessment participants and 360 raters, if applicable, to check their spam filters if they do not receive the survey invitations.

Feedback Reports / Assessment Reports Delivery

F&W provides scored assessment reports to the designated facilitator(s) that the Client specifies. Reports are not delivered directly to participants unless specified by the client, or required by the assessment publisher. Reports are provided electronically via our secure Dropbox account, or a secure location specified by the client.

F&W can print and ship hard-copy feedback reports for an additional fee. If hard copy reports are desired, the assessment timeline will be modified accordingly.

Standard Business Hours

Standard business hours for Franklin & White are Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm EST. 

Invoicing & Payment Terms

Invoices are issued upon delivery of the assessment and are net 30 days. Clients can pay invoices electronically via credit card or wire transfer, unless other payment arrangements are requested/arranged by Client.

Data Security

F&W does not collect, or store sensitive personal data collected for the purpose of completing assessment(s). That data is collected, stored, and protected on the Assessment publisher’s assessment platform, and the handling of that proprietary information is covered under that publisher’s privacy policy. F&W cannot be held responsible for the publisher’s adherence to laws and regulations dictating the handling and protection of said proprietary information.

While administering and delivering assessments, F&W downloads and sends assessment reports to clients. These reports are stored on the F&W server which is secured behind a firewall, and unless otherwise specified by the client, reports are delivered securely via Dropbox to the designated Client representative. Assessment reports are stored for a period of one year.

F&W makes a good faith effort to comply with all data policies required by U.S. law and GDPR rules.