WorkPlace Big Five’s new Group Insights Report Series is an interactive set of reports that provides a unique lens for evaluating team strengths and challenges.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ measures individual behaviors within the context of work—behaviors that form the basis for all team dynamics.

The new Group Insights Dashboard presents individual results at the team level, enabling you to pinpoint team behaviors that support or undermine group performance and cohesion. This “root cause” approach allows you to identify the highest impact opportunities for growth and evolution. Key features of the new tool include:

Interactive Dashboard Format
Designed to help you focus on key information in digestible pieces.

Web-Based Leader And Participant Report
Easily share a downloadable report with participants, including team leaders.

Facilitator Tools
Group Insights is an ecosystem of team resources. Download charts and graphs, and access session slide decks, facilitator guides, and participant workbooks—all through the dashboard.

With thoughtful prompts and a Practitioner Toolbox, Group Insights will equip you for meaningful action in team-based applications such as:

  • Team coaching
  • Onboarding  
  • Addressing conflict
  • Determining roles and responsibilities
  • Improving communication
  • Managing change
  • Driving innovation
  • Recruiting
  • Remote work
  • Team formation

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