How to lead innovation
over the long term

re:Mind – Leader feedback to improve long-term innovation 

Leaders have an outsized impact on an organization’s ability to deliver innovation. To assess and find areas for improvement, renowned thought-leader and Harvard Business School professor Dr. Linda Hill created re:Mind, an integrated package of 360 assessments that measures a leader’s ability to foster agility and lead sustainable innovation.

  • re:Mind CCI 360 —Creating the Culture and Capabilities of Innovation measures a leader’s ability to nurture the culture and capabilities necessary for innovation
  • re:Mind MPI 360 —Managing the Paradoxes of Innovation measures a leader’s ability to manage the paradoxes of innovation: the simultaneous need to both unleash and harness collective genius 

Whether taken together or run separately, the re:Mind assessments help innovation leaders get better faster – measuring their capacity to manage the paradoxes and create the ecosystem necessary for innovation to happen time and time again.

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re:Mind is a great model for unpacking innovation skills. It enables our managers to encourage diversity of thought and expand ideas generated from their teams.



The basis for the assessment from co-author Linda Hill

In 2014, Harvard Business School Professor Dr. Linda Hill and colleagues released the bestseller
Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation. Linda subsequently developed the re:Mind 360s as a natural extension this work.

The Model

Why are some organizations more innovative than others? Dr. Hill’s research shows that leaders in truly innovative organizations successfully do two things:

  1. Highly effective leaders of innovation foster the culture and capabilities necessary for innovation to happen.

Innovation leaders build inclusive cultures that unite people around a share sense of purpose, clearly articulated and lived values, and rules of engagement for thinking and acting.

Innovation leaders build capabilities in their teams and organizations for generating a marketplace of ideas, experimenting quickly, and making integrated decisions when problem-solving.

2. Highly effective leaders of innovation manage the underlying paradoxes.

Dr. Hill’s research reveals that innovation leadership requires a high level of behavioral versatility and judgement. Strong innovation leaders know both how and when to adapt their behavior to meet the needs of a team or organization, navigating six tensions—or paradoxes—inherent in creating the environment required for innovation.

re:Mind FAQs

How long does re:Mind take to complete?

About 20-25 minutes for one; 40 minutes for two.

Can people take the two re:Mind 360 assessments separately?

Yes. Each assessment can be administered as a stand-alone. Each assessment can also be run as a self-assessment only.


Each 360 report (CCI or MPI) = $250

Bundled Pricing (when both reports are purchased simultaneously) = $375
(both reports do not need to be launched simultaneously for bundled pricing)

Add-on Report (price of second report purchased at later time) $225

Is Certification Required?

Yes, certification is required to administer and debrief the re:Mind suite of assessments.

How Can I Get Certified?

re:Mind certification is quick, easy and affordable through Franklin & White. The course is self-paced and offered on demand. 

For practitioners new to 360s, certification costs $250.

For those ICF certified or certified on another 360, we also offer Bridge Certification for $100.