Executive Education Services

Supporting excellence in executive education

    Executive education firms and consultants providing leadership development and/or coaching value Franklin & White expertise and professional standards to:

  1. Enhance productivity by managing all administrative aspects of executive education engagements,
  2. Assure the accuracy of tools and instruments,
  3. Enhance the practice by providing assessment implementation and administration seamlessly with core services.
  4. Provide expertise through consultation to improve overall results.

Because we have earned volume discounts with many of our vendor partners, our charges for processing tests and surveys often match what you would pay the vendor directly if you did this work yourself.  Since you will likely pass along the cost of the instruments to your client, the service we provide often costs you, the consultant, nothing.

Fees are based on the market price of the instruments, to include administrative processing costs and/or on an hourly basis. For larger programs, coaching projects or other custom services, we can base our fees as a percentage of your overall project cost.

Partners in Executive Education

Consider us your executive education partners for assessment management.

Franklin & White gets high marks for service and dedication partly because we’ve worked on the consulting side and understand the dynamics of delivering sophisticated organizational development and leadership assessment projects.

We’re experts in assessments and in leadership development programs, but our business model is basic, friendly, dependable, can-do service presented in a way that adds value to you and your practice.

Our thorough and persistent follow-up ensures the best possible product for your client. Even with short turnaround requirements, we provide reports for your most demanding clients, with the most challenging schedules.

Technical capabilities are what bring Franklin and White to the table, and clearly they have that. But more importantly, they are responsive and willing to go the extra mile.

Jeffrey R. Holst Director

Organizational Effectiveness , Kennamental, Inc.