Franklin & White is a leader in assessment processing. We are the trusted partners for executive coaches, leadership consultants, organizational development professionals, and university executive education programs around the world with turnkey implementation, scoring and management of major assessment projects. We perform back-office functions and offer a variety of support services and special project skills that are unique to the needs of executive development consultants.

Franklin & White is an expert administrative resource for assessments and personality profiles, including:
Myers-Briggs (MBTI), FIRO-B, Strong, Change Style Indicator, Campbell Leadership Index (CLI), Benchmarks, Skillscope, Conflict Dynamics Profile, DiSC, Voices and others.

Eliminating “administrivia”—
Why coaches and consultants depend on us for assessment processing.

As extensions of your engagement team, Franklin & White boosts your client satisfaction with professionalism, dependability, thoroughness, and dedication.

When you are facilitating a comprehensive change management initiative, climate assessment, team building process, leadership development program or similar high-level executive coaching engagement, it requires your complete attention and focus. The details are important, but “Administrivia” can distract you from your core practice. It can hinder your consulting effectiveness and keep you from working more directly with your clients to form that special bond that enhances follow-up.

Franklin & White has earned a reputation as the go-to firm for assessment processing and program project management to assure excellence in obtaining accurate feedback data.

Organizational detail isn’t always a strong suit of coaches and consultants. That’s where we come in.

Bobbin Franklin, Partner
An Associate of The Executive Development Group, LLC


Consider us your deadline partners for assessment and/or development projects.

Franklin & White gets high marks for service and dedication partly because we’ve worked on the consulting side and understand the dynamics of delivering sophisticated organizational development and leadership assessment projects.

We’re experts in assessments and in leadership development programs, but our business model is basic, friendly, dependable, can-do service presented in a way that adds value to you and your practice.

Our thorough and persistent follow-up ensures the best possible product for your client. Even with short turnaround requirements, we provide reports for your most demanding clients, with the most challenging schedules.

Technical capabilities are what bring Franklin and White to the table, and clearly they have that. But more importantly, they are responsive and willing to go the extra mile.

Jeffrey R. Holst
Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Kennamental, Inc.



Experience, diligence and care deliver complete assessment information you can use more effectively.

Assessment tools—even web-based—still don’t process themselves. And human error and computer malfunctions can destroy days of work. Franklin & White professionals are keenly attuned to every tool we process, and we understand where mistakes can occur.

Because of our size and our backgrounds, we are able to provide highly experienced assessment processing in-house to ensure accuracy to your final product.

The greatest value I get with Franklin and White is their commitment to ensure the client is successful. Their work is incredibly complicated.

Roderick Gilkey, Ph,D.
Associate Professor in the Practice of Organization and Management
Emory University


A deeper understanding of your goals in organizational development.service-img5

With combined experience of more than 80 years with facilitators and behind the scenes in assessment development and processing, Franklin & White offers a comprehensive and holistic perspective. We’re a quick study with your goals and objectives, and often we can make suggestions on how to get more from your project.

Our experience and partnerships with leading assessment developers like the Center for Creative Leadership, Consulting Psychology Press, Discovery Learning and Lominger give us a depth of understanding that is unique in the market. We’ve also had the pleasure of working closely with some of the top coaches and organizational development professionals in the world.

‘Partner’ best describes our relationship with Franklin and White. They demonstrate a high degree of confidentiality and they’re a fun, good group!

Jeffrey R. Holst
Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Kennamental, Inc.
Franklin & White provides excellent service to our company in the on-line administration of 360º and personal assessment tools. They are professional, confidential and respond to our needs, consistently and thoroughly. We would highly recommend their services to anyone running a small consulting company that needs ‘back office’ support.

Donna Cook
Vice President, Ure & Associates

I really appreciate working with you. How much easier you make life for me! It’s amazing how the ‘little’ things really are the big things when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness.

Joyce Richman
Joyce Richman and Associates, Ltd.