Franklin & White recently added the Extended DISC suite of offerings to our portfolio because of the quality of their version of DISC, their competitive pricing, and their excellent customer service.

DISC of Distinction

The DISC model is widely known as a self-assessment measuring how an individual prefers to interact with others. Extended DISC® powered by FinxS® distinguishes itself among DISC publishers for its ability to measure an individual’s stable, hard-wired DISC style, providing an accurate, reliable starting point for development.

Multiple Reports, One Questionnaire

Another key advantage of Extended DISC is their array of available assessment reports. Extended DISC offers hundreds of tailored reports which look at the data through various lenses based on industry and role, including:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Healthcare
  • Remote Work
  • Banking & Financial Services

What’s more, participants need only complete the 10-minute DISC questionnaire one time. After that, any Extended DISC reports—including pair, team, and group reports—can be requested at no extra charge.*

* F&W charges a modest fee for our administrative time.

Learn More about Extended DISC

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